Arca can cache results of the tasks using dogpile.cache. The default cache backend is dogpile.cache.null, so no caching.

You can setup caching with the backend setting ARCA_CACHE_BACKEND and all the arguments needed for setup can be set using ARCA_CACHE_BACKEND_ARGUMENTS which can either be a dict or a json string.

Example setup:

arca = Arca(settings={
    "ARCA_CACHE_BACKEND": "dogpile.cache.redis",
        "host": "localhost",
        "port": 6379,
        "db": 0,

To see all available cache backends and their settings, please visit the dogpile.cache documentation. Some of the other backends might have other python dependencies.

When Arca is being initialized, a check is made if the cache backend is writable and readable, which raises an arca.exceptions.ArcaMisconfigured if it’s not. If the cache requires some python dependency ModuleNotFoundError will be raised. If you wish to ignore these errors, ignore_cache_errors setting can be used.